and the WINNERS for 2019 are......


SC, SW, NE,       NC, NW


The flowers of BougainFeelYa are dark red, non-fading and they are shaped similar to that of a Bougainvillea, but don't be fooled, this is not a climbing rose! Flowers form continuously throughout the season and it is covered with hips in the fall. BougainFeelYa performs well on its own roots and is tolerant to a range of soil pH's.


4 feet Z5-9 R


NC, SC, NW,          SW


A symphony of bright yellow color almost non-stop throughout the season. It is an exceptional rose with a vigorous and bushy growth habit. The dense, dark green foliage contrasts nicely with the yellow flowers. Very good resistance to black spot is displayed under normal growing conditions. This is one of the very few good yellow landscape roses.

5 to 6 feet Z5-9 R  



       TEQUILA            SUPREME

Unique color and flower form on a plant with good disease resistance, Tequila Supreme™ has cool scalloped petals and a novel color. Flowering almost continually from spring through frost; it has above average disease resistance and will perform well even under tough hot and humid conditions.

4 1/2 feet Z5-9 R