and the WINNERS for 2016 are......


Phloxy Baby is a Polyantha hybrid from the hybridizer of The Knock Out Rose®. This rose displays extremely good disease resistance and is more upright than most Polyanthas. It would be perfect for use as a hedge.Phloxy Baby produces more that 50 small medium pink,  cup-like blooms per stem and attacts bees. 


4-5 1/2 feet Z5-9 R



This striking rose was bred at the Antique Rose Emporium and named in honor of a notable 18th century nurseryman who had anearby nursery. The intensely cerise pink, semi-double blooms make a bold statement in the garden. It is a wonderful specimen for a mixed planting or large container and is useful near a walkway where its fragrance and thornless nature can be appreciated.


3 to 5 feet Z5-9 R Fr 


Dee-Lish® is a tall Hybrid Tea rose with an old fashioned flower and a very strong fragrance of verbena and citrus. It has a large, deep, pink non-fading bloom, and makes for an excellent cut flower. The blooms have an average of 35-40 petals. It is good for the middle to the back of mixed borders.


6-61/2 feet Z5-9 R Fr